Dealer Programs

National Account

Our direct relationship with major manufacturers allows us to access and service National Fleet programs and car dealer transfers. Call us for any of your Bridgestone, Firestone, or Hankook National Account needs.

Century Program

The Century Program is an associate dealer program offered by Cooper for the Mastercraft brand. Based on attainment levels and products bought in a quarter, tire dealers are eligible for monetary rewards. Other features of the program include marketing and support. Dealers will have access to preferred partner programs, online marketing materials, inclusion on a Mastercraft dealer locator, and a Google paid search ad program. Minimum requirements for inclusion start at 100 units per quarter.

Hankook “ONE” Program

Hankook’s ONE program offers Hankook dealers an enriched associate dealer program. Depending on attainment or sales volume, dealers are eligible cash rebates, co-op points for merchandise and travel, and access to all of Hankook’s national consumer promotions. The “ONE” program covers passenger and light truck tire only and requires a minimum commitment of 50 units per quarter.

Bridgestone/Firestone BARNN Dealers

Bridgestone’s Affiliated Retailer Nationwide Network program offers marketing incentives and support for Bridgestone, Firestone, and Fuzion branded products. Key features of this program include but are not limited to: nationwide Service warranty, nationwide road hazard warranty, online training, dealer locator and rebate incentives for units sold. Minimum requirements for the BARNN program start at 75 units a month.

Firestone Certified Ag Dealer

Firestone’s Certified Farm Tire Dealer program is centered on dealers dedicated to agricultural service in rural markets. Certified dealers are expected to stock rear tractor tires, front tractor tires and implements in the Firestone brand. Being a certified dealer allows dealerships to have access to seasonal promotions by Firestone. Eligible dealerships can also redeem rewards and Point of Sale merchandise.

Value Added Programs


Ezytire is a retailer focused website that is fully customizable for an independent retailer. Ezytire allows retail stores to show our inventory as theirs, and provides in depth information for items in the tire library. Retailers can set up the website to allow their customers to shop prices, see tires, and find special promotions. Customers are also able to purchase tires through the website and set up time for installation.


Tireweb is a feature rich B2B ecommerce application for independent retailers. Tireweb allows retailers to order tires, manage markups, create quotes, generate stock orders, and have access to information on all tires included in the tire library. Tireweb presents the information in a simple, fast manor allowing our customers an efficient way to access our inventory and pricing. Tireweb also provides DOT registration links to manufacturers.

Upright Communications

Upright Communications provides complete web management exclusively to Statewide Tire customers. Their services include creating and hosting your website, email, driving website traffic, tracking website conversions, regular website maintenance and changes.

Upright’s web management includes all aspects of the website from start to finish, allowing the independent tire dealer the ability to focus on the many other needs of running their business.